Grace in Progress

Grace in Progress

Grace in ProgressGrace in ProgressGrace in Progress

Prayers for the Beautifully Broken

by J.C. Beichner 

2017 Silver Medal Winner 

for Best Book of Christian Devotion/Study

About the Book

Grace in Progress: Prayers for the Beautifully Broken by J.C. Beichner

If you could point to one thing in your life and say, “Lord, heal this!”  What would it be? 

Where does God’s mercy most need to abide in your life? 

We all hold ourselves back from truly letting God love us, but what if today you let Him in? What if today you laid all your burdens down at the foot of the cross?

In this award-winning Christian devotional, author J. C. Beichner shares her own coming-of-age story of overwhelming childhood loss and her search for forgiveness. Combined with a beautiful collection of prayers, the author’s testimony and reflection help each of us discover the infinite depth of God’s mercy.

Grace in Progress: Prayers for the Beautifully Broken is an honest and timely reminder of the ever-present availability and abundance of Jesus’s love, and the extraordinary ways God uses our brokenness for His purpose. The story of Grace in Progress and the devotional of prayers that follow will forever change the way you encounter your loving creator.

“Beichner’s story is many of our stories…Twenty-one prayers follow for each of us who acknowledge and understand our own trauma, brokenness, forgiveness and strength in the Lord. This book is beautifully written…an eminently readable and usable book for all of us.”

-Robert Curtis, The Catholic Sun Newspaper