Motivational Speaker - JC Beichner

JC Beichner is the award-winning author of the book, “Grace in Progress: Prayers for the Beautifully Broken.” She was also named the “Woman of the Year“ by the Archdiocese of Phoenix Council of Catholic Women. JC brings a unique and powerful perspective to living the Gospel out in our daily lives emphasizing how our greatest trials are those things God uses for his highest glory. Funny, joyful and vulnerable, JC Beichner will inspire your audience to dig deep and start living their most authentic life now! After all, we are all grace in progress!

JC Beichner is a powerful, and versatile motivational speaker, Book Coach and Retreat Leader adept at connecting with her audience on a variety of topics. Here are just a few:

Pro-Every Life Advocacy

Holy Boldness

Improving the Discourse in the Abortion Debate 

Living a Life of Abundance (John 10:10)

Everyday Social Justice

Living the Gospel with our Lives

Stepping Into Your Greatness

The Gifts of Grief

Beautifully Broken

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